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Email Responder is a breakthrough product, bringing the benefits of Automated Email Response Management to enterprises of all sizes. Whether your organization has 1 employee or 1,000, you can speed up your email customer service process, reduce labor costs, and improve the quality of your customer communication.
Arriving email is automatically assigned to a person or group, based on an analysis of its contents. When your representatives reply to a message, flexible templates fill in customer and product information, allowing your service team to answer most questions in only seconds, often with no typing at all. Email automation guarantees accuracy and consistency in your replies and also greatly reduces your labor cost for customer service.
Email Responder maintains a complete database of customer information, both extracted from incoming email and supplied by your staff. Built-in reports let managers analyze the complete customer service database, finding not only how efficiently mail is handled, but which products and services produce the most questions and which questions are most common. Use this information supervise your staff, and improve your products and services.
The program is incredibly easy to use. No training is required to use Email Responder. Download now, and your customer service staff can be productive within minutes.

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